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Above Ground Pool Opening Tips

Stop by our Showroom for FREE water testing using our Wave III Resource Scanner that gives custom results detailing your pool chemical needs

Above Ground Pool Opening Tips
  1. Remove leaves and debris off the pool cover then pump off excess water.
  2. Remove & clean the cover with "Spray-On Cover Cleaner". Hose off and let dry in the sun before storing away to avoid mold and mildew
  3. Add water to the pool to bring the water level half-way up the skimmer
  4. Remove all winter plugs, plates, and gizmos
  5. Check skimmer, return, gaskets, and screws to see if they need replacing and make sure they are secure.
  6. Hook up the filter and pump. Lubricate all o-rings with "Silicone Magic Lube" to extend the life of the o-rings
  7. Prime the pump before starting the motor. Release air from the air valve to release any air build-up
  8. After the pump is running, check all hoses and fitting connections for leak.
  9. Check the pressure gauge to make sure it is working -- replace if it is not registering
  10. Using your skimmer net or leaf eater, remove all leaves and debris from your pool and vacuum any leftover debris
  11. Add Pool Magic to clear up contaminants in water faster
  12. Bing a sample of pool water into our store for a FREE water test through our computerized lab for results and advice on the proper water chemistry to get you started to keep your water clean and clear all summer long.
  13. Run the filter 24 hours a day until the water is clear. Backwash when the pressure gauge calls for it. Once the pool water is clear, set your pool to run a minimum of 10 hours each day.

    Enjoy your Swimming Season!


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Stop by our showroom for FREE water testing using our Wave III Resource Scanner
that gives custom results detailing
your waters’ needs.

Water testing free at PDC Spa and Pool World 701 Bridge St Lehighton PA 18235

See our Pool Resources/Tips page for more info on maintaining your pool throughout the season. From opening to closing, we’re here to help you.
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